Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to open a board game bakery in the Spring Branch area of West Houston.

We would love to have a space that fosters community and togetherness, and we have experienced in our own lives that board games and baked goods help us put down the phone for a while and have some real connection with friends and family. If there is one thing we’re hoping to share with Houston through our efforts, it’s that.

We believe that a tasty pie or a new board game experience are only as good as the people you share them with. So, if you’re thinking of ordering something from our menu, do yourself a favor and call up a few relatives or friends to share it with.

The pie tin will be empty far sooner than the warm memories of time spent with a friend.

Our Team

Corwin & Lizzie Rowlette

Sarah and I (Corwin) met several years ago as leaders of our married young adult bible study. One of our primary tasks was to give everyone a chance to get to know each other outside of church.

We began planning board game days. The group would collectively bring dozens of board games, we’d vote on which ones to play, and off we went… for 12+ hours.

Sarah began crafting all sorts of treats for us while we played – pies, carrot cakes, trail mix, italian soda, coffee. We all enjoyed it so much that the idea for our business was born.

Each of our families has two boys that we hope can one day help out!

Sarah & Colin Brown

Our Name

The name Eagle and Child is a reference to the pub in Oxford where  J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and their writing group would meet to critique each other’s work.

To sum up the theme of these meetings: Deep fellowship and brutal honesty.

Their goal was to connect with one another, and also help refine each other and their work into better and better versions of themselves. The result of their efforts was lifelong friendship and some of the most impressive works of literature ever printed.

As the setting of creativity for Tolkien, the father of fantasy, we believe the name perfectly encapsulates the feeling we aim to achieve with our business…. with perhaps a slightly more whimsical tone.

Eagle And Child