We are baked goods artisans now serving the Houston area!

For large Christmas and Catering Orders, please get in touch using the info on our Contact Page

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The Ooey-Gooey
(Pecan Pie)

The Punkin
(Pumpkin Pie)

The Uwe Rosenberg
(German Chocolate Pie)

The Roll Outta Bed
(Cinnamon Pie)

The All-American
(Apple Pie)

The Freedom
(Blueberry Pie)

All The Other Treats

The Peter Rabbit
(Carrot Cake)

The PiƱa Colada
(Hummingbird Cake)

The Leaves of Fall
(Squash Bread)

The Spicy Twist
(Spiced Pretzels)

The Starling
(Coffee Cake)

The Oat G.O.A.T. *
(Chocolate/Peanut Butter Cookies)

*Gluten Free

Our products avoid the use of seed oils high in omega-6 fatty acids. 

We use avocado and extra virgin olive oils as a substitute in any recipes that contain them.

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